This is a scary thought.

A taboo thought.


A really hard thought to talk about.






(That’s the National Suicide Hotline.

Kind people are standing by to talk you off the ledge).


The reality is, however, that if you suffer from severe and chronic depression, this thought will, at some point, wind through your mind.


Are you in clear and present danger of acting on the I don’t want to be alive thought? Like, do you have a plan?

If so: I have a better plan. Call this number:



You can also reach out to the Crisis Text Line. Text HOME to 742742.


There are a lot of other excellent

hotlines HERE.

Or go to the emergency room. They can help you stay safe until a psychiatrist is available.

You should also ask a trusted person to come be with you until you are able to access professional help.

If you have no intention of hurting yourself, but nevertheless have

I don’t want to be alive

swimming through your head, you still need to act. Now. Don’t let this thought make itself at home in your head.

Time for HELP.


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