And you know who else cares about you?


Steven Colbert.


No one cares? Oh yeah? Well what about this rainbow narwhal?


So, there.


Steven Colbert cares.


I also care about you, and I have never even met you. That’s one rainbow narwhal and two strangers who care. If you weren’t wearing your depression blinders, you would see a whole crowd of people who care. They are, unfortunately, not psychic. They have no idea of the horrors in your head if you don’t tell them.


This is terrible, but you have to ask for help.


On the podcast Don’t Ask Tig, Steven Colbert had this to say to people suffering from depression:


“I want to talk to that person. And I want them to know that they’re loved and that they’re valuable and that life itself is so beautiful that I want them to be hopeful that they’ll see the beauty of life, the radiant beauty of existence, like everything is lit from the backside like stained glass itself, like it’s out there and waiting for you.”


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