You have triumphed in this dystopian mental health care system!

Take a moment to eat a cupcake!





Then: call your therapist/psychiatrist. Make an appointment.







Amazing! You made yourself an appointment! Take a moment to shake your own hand in congratulation.










Now you need to take good care of yourself until your appointment. If you are feeling well enough, check out all the lifestyle stuff.


Or look into getting connected with a support group.


If you are having difficulty rising from the linoleum, and are unceasingly assailed by The Voice of Doom, here are non-professional & eccentric instructions for getting through a very bad day.


And if you need help, like, right now, click here.





Bipolar Bear & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Health Insurance: a Fable for Grown Ups is a graphic novel about a bipolar bear who gets lost in the Labyrinth of Health Insurance Claims.

When Mystical Creatures Attack! is a novel about an idealistic teacher who has a nervous breakdown and corresponds with her former students from an inpatient psychiatric facility.

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